Planesi Studios

The complex consists of 3 elegant studios and 2 spacious apartments. Find in Santorini Messaria 3 km from the beach Monolith and 2 km from Fira, the capital, has its own parking.

Each apartment - studio has its own character and its own separate entrance.


 He can accommodate from 3-5 people, particularly attractive to families with young children, they have separate bedrooms and a fenced yard from the street. They are equipped with kitchen, refrigerator, TV. It is beautifully decorated and operate autonomously.

Two of them facing the garden and the Wind Thalassitis. The earth, fire and water overlooking Avenue. All have access to the large yard during the afternoon hours the smells of flowers with the colors of the sky traveling.

In front of the complex is the bus stop for the beaches and the center. Just opposite is the shopping center with cafes, restaurants, supermarkets etc.


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