Planesi travel agency.

General tourism office. Established in March 2005. E.O.T.1144E61000034200 belongs to today Mrs Katerina are metropolitan and founder. Located in Fira Santorini.

The study combined with knowledge and experience in the tourism sector, our singles.
But it gives us the ability to be accessible and effective to your requirements.
Always offering high quality services.
We are available 24 hours every day
For your convenience.

  • Changing your money in euro.
  • We offer a choice of ferry and airline tickets
  • Transport services to and from the airport or port.
  • We select for you the best and affordable stay while on the island and throughout the rest of Greece.
  • We offer services sightseeing of the island, taking a guided tour or even individually with private guide.
  • There are 20 new private cars for rent, in order to facilitate your commute.


Other activities are: the weddings, traditional events, conferences etc.

For any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.


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